Wedding Photography is so special to me because I truly understand how important this day is for you and I am there to assist in any way I can to make things go smoothly and ensure that you are not dealing with unnecessary stresses.  (I have been known to bustle a dress and pin on a corsage or two!) I have photographed weddings in all different cultures including American, Hindu, Jewish, Nepalese, Muslim, Ismali, Arabic, Mexican and Catholic. After all the planning and dreaming that goes into a wedding, the one thing you are left with is the photographs. I am devoted to providing each couple with the best possible memories of their big day.

My experience as a fine art portrait photographer comes across in all of my work, especially weddings.  From the engagement portraits and bridals to the wedding day itself, my style evolves with each couple.  I try to tap into the personality and style of the couple and the event itself.  At weddings, I use the surroundings and lighting to guide me in my photographic decisions.  I also spend several hours before each event/portrait session visualizing and mentally preparing for the shoot.  As a photographer, I am there to document the event but also to create stunning images that capture the couple's love for each other.  

One of the biggest things you should know about me is that I am not shy!  I am not a fly on the wall photographer, but I can be when necessary.  I like to put myself right in the middle of the action!  I document the day but I am not afraid to give you a little direction if it means getting the right shot.  Every time I shoot a wedding, at the end of the day, I feel like I have known the bride and groom for years!  It is a very intimate occasion in someones life and I am honored to be a part of that.


Here are a few of my favorite weddings from last year!  Enjoy!


Laura and Jonathon's Fort Worth Wedding:

Krista and John's Country Wedding:
Chris and Michael's Cape Cod Destination Wedding:
Sabrenah and Aaron's Fort Worth Wedding: