Laura and Jonathon

January 05, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I had the privilege of working with Laura and Johnathon last year thanks to George Street Photo.  This stunning couple was so much fun and so in love! It was a beautiful wedding ceremony at University Christian Church followed by a reception at the gorgeous Ashton Depot.  Both venues are in Forth Worth, TX and let me tell you, they are both absolutely breathtaking!  (not unlike this couple) However, as beautiful as the wedding and reception were,  my favorite part of the night was the end! Get this, the bride and groom made their sparkler exit and then took of in a freaking HELICOPTOR!  It was the most awesome exit I have ever witnessed at a wedding!  Although, the guests did get more than they bargained for when the helicoptor took off and blew my dress up around my waist in front of over 100 strangers.   (Yep, that happened) Good thing I wear shorts!  Now that I have given you a reason to keep going to the very end..... hahaha ***Spoiler alert, there is no picture of me during aforementioned "incident"  so don't get too excited!  But I did get some great shots of the helicoptor!  Enjoy!



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